We help you win the war for talent today, tomorrow and beyond.

Leading experts now say that the combination of market and technological disruption with the critical skills shortage could mean LIGHTS OUT for many businesses (or managers) over the next decade.

Unless you can build and retain the right workforce to achieve your goals today — and be agile and innovative enough to move with you into the future — you may become one of those businesses or managers.

We help you understand and embrace the new paradigms of the future workplace and workforce, guiding you in implementing the right strategies for your organization to thrive through these dynamic and challenging times.

We do this by helping you LIGHT Up Your Workforce®.

Ignite Global's 5 Pillars to LIGHT Up Your Workforce®
  • Locate the best candidates in the market (NOT just the best available at the time) to fill current and future roles and to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality staff.

  • Interview well so you make the right hire every time — and be able to Interest the people you want to hire in your role and your organization.

  • Generate engagement and performance from Day 1 by on boarding well — because 22% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment.

  • Create a Healthy workplace culture to ensure rock solid employee engagement and retention, foster innovation and manage through massive change.

  • Talk (and listen) effectively to your staff about what matters to them. Research shows this is THE KEY to employee motivation and performance.

The innovative but practical strategies, models and tools we use within this framework are a result of:

  • Reverse engineering over 5,000 exit interviews — which means you don’t have to guess what your employees need to be highly motivated and productive.
  • Extensive global and Australian research into Employee Experience — an increasingly popular (and cost effective) way to increase employee engagement and retention.
  • Extensive involvement in Sir Richard Branson’s 100% Human at Work initiative, which allows us to share the latest thinking and practices by best in class organizations who are humanizing the workplace.
  • 10 years consulting with organizations spanning over 30 industries across 8 countries.
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“The Light Up Your Career™ and Manager Programs are second to none. I truly believe that businesses that work with Ignite Global to implement these programs effectively will provide their employees with lasting skills and experiences that will stand their business in good stead for the future.”

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Employers the world over are facing a shortage of qualified people to fill their positions, both now and for the future. The good news is that we have the tools, talent and the insight to help you find the best talent in the market and keep them once you have them. Contact us to find out more.
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