Recruitment is a bit of a dark art to the outside world – and many recruiters promote that perception. But you can (and should) pull back the curtain when choosing to work with a recruiter.

I recently read an article that outlines 4 must ask questions (which I’ve paraphrased) – and it’s brilliant!

  1. What are your metrics (i.e. how good are you really?)
  2. What is your process (i.e. are you sourcing the same people I could source or do you have a deep reach into passive job seekers?)
  3. Who can’t you recruit from (i.e. who are your clients and are those companies the very companies I’d want to pull talent from?)
  4. How will you sell my role (i.e. how well do you know us and are you really going to look for that right fit – or are you simply interested in throwing pasta against the wall to see what sticks?)

In return for the right answers to these questions you MUST either engage the recruiter on a retained bases and/or pay OVER their normal percentage for success.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

This article reminded me of a white paper I wrote a few years ago.

Access the white paper here.

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Pulling back the curtain on recruitment!
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