This post won’t be a popular one. My opinion differs from most and I understand and respect that. I’m posting it to invite rigorous thought and meaningful discussion. This post isn’t about lack of respect – it’s about how to show respect. Tangible action rather than thoughts and prayers.Today is Veterans’/Remembrance Day. I am a veteran, but I choose to be a conscientious objector on days like this.

I don’t participate in anything that celebrates war. And I believe that November 11th, the 25th of April and the last Monday in May do exactly that.

People tell me that days like today are not meant to perpetuate war, but rather prevent it by remembering those who have fallen.

I disagree.

Cloaked in ceremony and couched in tribute, these days are designed to create emotion.

Emotions of honour, comraderie, patriotism. The very emotions that teenage boys and girls resonate with when trying to figure out who they are, how they fit in and where they belong.

The very emotions that they may act on 10 or 20 years later when making decisions that affect people’s lives and may even shape the course of history.

Let’s connect these emotions to peacemakers and diplomats instead of armies and battles.

Forget war – celebrate peace.

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