According to Korn Ferry, there’ll be over 739,000 more jobs than candidates by the end of 2020 in Australia. Now is the time to look for flight risks – and take steps to clip their wings.

There are 7 major indicators:

1. Major life change – marriage, divorce, illness, childbirth, or the death of a loved one make people take stock of their lives.

2. Change in work habits – if someone goes from being reliable to unreliable then something’s up.

3. Change in hours worked – arriving late, leaving early or taking time off during the day.

4. Change in attitude towards peers, managers or other stakeholders.

5. ‘Office jokes’ about job-hunting should ALWAYS be taken seriously.

6. Dressing up more than usual.

7. Not participating in meetings, functions or working in isolation.

There’s a 70% increase in online job applications on the first Wednesday after New Year’s Day so pay attention to these indicators before the holiday break.

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