They say hindsight is 20/20. In this series of posts we will be using our foresight (based on extensive research and speaking with hundreds of best-in-class organizations over the last two years) to predict what companies need to do in 2020 to make sure they are able to ring in 2030.

There are five emerging trends that we believe organizations must begin to embrace this year to survive the critical skills shortage that will permeate the next decade — and to maintain relevance to their customer, keep up with their competition and grow.

Over the next several days we will be writing about these trends.

The rise of the purpose-driven organization with a robust set of values that inform decision making and shape company culture. Collaborative organizational structures dependent on trust, transparency and open communication are replacing the old hierarchical, command and control structures. The integration of technology with human skills and the continuous reassessment of both.

Recruitment is moving from a ‘just-in-time’, reactive process to an always-on proactive process — akin to business development. Leaders/managers are playing a more significant part in hiring and managing/leading staff than they have over the last several decades.

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