9 Predictions for 2020 that Will Help Your Business Reach 2030

The next decade will be both challenging and exhilarating. Many experts fear that the pace of change will be so dizzying in the next 10 years that a lot of companies won’t survive. Here are 9 predictions of things that companies who ring in 2030 will do in 2020.

1) Define their purpose in terms of how they impact their customers and the community and use that purpose to attract the very best people.

2) Define the aspirational values that are required to achieve their goals and use them to make decisions and to hire and reward staff.

3) Make sure their communications structures are two-way and transparent.

4) Deepen trust between managers and employees.

5) Begin to make decisions more collaboratively.

6) Think about what to automate and when and how humans and technology will interact.

7) Start to develop non-linear career paths and identify ways to cross-train and upskill their existing workforce.

8) Stop thinking about recruitment like filling a takeaway order and start treating it like business development.

9) Put more resources into upskilling their managers.

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