Post 2 of 2 on Trend 1 of 5 that organizations must understand and embrace in 2020 to ring in 2030.

1. The rise of the purpose-driven organization with a robust set of values that inform decision making and shape company culture.


Purpose and values are closely linked, and creating a set of values is nothing new for organizations. What is new is how these values are defined, used, and linked to company culture.

For years company values were created by the C Suite or Senior Management team during a leadership offsite. They then were emblazoned on reception walls, included in vision and strategy documents, articulated to the employees with great fanfare — and promptly forgotten.

The new trend is for the C Suite to identify the aspirational values that are required for the organization to achieve its purpose.

Once that’s done, it’s crucial to find out what the lived values of the company are and then to take steps to change those lived values to be the aspirational values.

The aspirational values then must to be brought to life by using them to acknowledge their staff, to make both tactical and strategic decisions, and to hire and fire employees.

✅ 2020 is the year to identify your aspirational values and begin the work of aligning your culture to those values.

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