Trend 2 of 5 that organizations must understand and embrace in 2020 to ring in 2030.

2. Collaborative organizational structures dependent on trust, transparency and open communication are replacing the old hierarchical, command and control structures.

The challenges that organizations will face in the next decade are many and diverse. Globalization versus nationalism, climate change, trade wars, grassroots protests and shifting consumer appetites will impact almost all businesses.

To overcome these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities presented by this shifting landscape organizations must be very nimble, able to react quickly and able to predict and lean into the future – then pivot immediately when some of those predictions prove to be false.

The organizational structure required to do this is dependent on collaboration and decentralized decision making. This requires trust, transparency and open communication.

✅ 2020 is the year to look at your organization’s communications structures. Are they two way? Open and transparent? From there, evaluate what you need to do to deepen trust between managers and employees. Once these two factors are in place, you can determine and change your organizational structure to be more collaborative.

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