Trend 3 of 5 that organizations must understand and embrace in 2020 to ring in 2030.

3. The integration of technology with human skills and the continuous reassessment of both.

Technology will completely replace some jobs (about 30% by 2025, according to Gartner). Most of these jobs, however, will belong to the 3 Ds (dull, dirty and dangerous). Many more jobs (47% by 2034, according to Oxford University) will be augmented by technology.

Increasingly humans and robots (either physical or in AI app form) will be working side by side.

Companies need to decide when and what to automate and how humans and technology will work together.

This will require an almost constant reassessment human skills necessary to achieve goals and the skills and abilities of our current workforce so we can redeploy that workforce as roles change. This is part strategic workforce planning, part data analysis and a lot of training and retraining as career paths become increasingly non-linear.

✅ 2020 is the year to begin to think about what you will automate and when. It’s also time to establish or improve your systems to assess the current skills and abilities of your workforce and identify ways of cross-training and up-skilling them for the future (yours and theirs).

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