Trend 4 of 5 that organizations must understand and embrace in 2020 to ring in 2030.

4. Recruitment is moving from a ‘just-in-time’, reactive process to an always-on proactive process — akin to business development.

We must stop thinking about hiring like filling a takeaway order and begin to approach it like business development. Think strategically, play the long game and develop relationships with the right talent so we can recruit the best of the best and not just the best available.

Stop hiring for skills and experience and start to recruit for values alignment and those innate abilities (strengths) that are required to successfully achieve your goals.

We must hire people who can learn, grow — and pivot to different roles within the organization as those needs change.

The good news is that this opens up new talent pools – including your current staff.

✅ 2020 is the year to rethink your recruitment processes. Do workforce planning, talent map, learn how to hire for values alignment and how to identify and hire for the strengths you need to achieve your goals today and beyond. Begin to develop non-linear career paths for your current employees. Finally, look at your candidate experience to ensure that you can woo the people you want to hire.

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