Interesting stats on interviews. As written in HRM Online, “In 1998, Frank Schmidt and John Hunter drew together 85 years of studies on 19 recruitment techniques. The job audition — or ‘work sample test’ — could predict nearly a third of a candidate’s performance. When the audition is combined with a general mental ability (GMA) test, this increases to 63 per cent (a GMA test plus an integrity test is the highest performing duo, with a mean performance prediction rate of 65 per cent).”

At the other end of the scale is the unstructured interview, which, on average, predicts just 14 per cent of performance. Even less telling is a reference check, at 7 per cent.”

Not surprised at the unstructured interview. I am surprised at the lack of effectiveness on the reference check. Done well (which most companies don’t) the reference check can provide very useful data as to a candidate’s fit for the role.

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