Greg Savage blogs about external recruiters. But his advice is often relevant to internal talent acquisition folks, HR professionals and business leaders of all stripes.

He recently wrote a post that proclaimed, “Recruitment is not Tinder…

Technology and lack of skill are driving plenty of recruiters to treat recruitment like a dating app.

Swipe left. Swipe right.”

This is very relevant to business leaders and all HR and talent acquisition professionals. The only thing I would change is “lack of skill” to “the desire to save time and money”.

Because, when it comes to recruitment technology can actually cost time and money by overlooking not so obvious candidates (essential in a skills short market) and encouraging hiring managers to hire based on skillset instead of company culture and innate abilities (something technology is not great at discerning.)

The Future of Work is Human and sometimes good, old fashioned human processes do a better job than technology. This is absolutely the case for recruitment.

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