Trend 5 of 5 that organizations must understand and embrace in 2020 to ring in 2030.

5. Leaders/managers are playing a more significant part in hiring and managing/leading staff than they have over the last several decades.

From the days of the first Industrial Revolution through the mid-twentieth century, doers did and managers managed.

Then, in the 1980s and 1990s, organizations worldwide went through several cost-cutting and optimization exercises, effectively eliminating layers of middle management. We were all asked to do more with less, and managers not only managed — they were expected to do as well.

Many managers’ priorities shifted, and now place more importance on getting their ‘day job’ done and spend less time with their teams.

As a result, we have a global employee dis-engagement rate of 85%. This costs organizations millions of dollars each year in lost productivity.

Who is responsible for fixing this productivity and engagement crisis? Gallup feels so strongly about this that they wrote a book in it in 2019 called; It’s the Manager.

✅ 2020 is the year to realign expectations from and of managers. They must actively participate in identifying and developing relationships with top talent to add to the talent pool. More critically, they must develop strong relationships with their staff and devote the necessary time, energy and resources to help them as individuals and as a team perform at their best, stay motivated and engaged and to grow with the company. They must take an interest and have regular conversations that extend beyond the business as usual topics or their individual KPIs and delve into their career development, motivations and strengths.

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