The Future of Work arrived on Friday the 13th of March 2020 when COVID-19 thrust us into a reality for which few of us were prepared.

The economic fallout associated with COVID-19 came swiftly for some organisations but will come more slowly, in successive waves for others.

Unfortunately, some organisations and some leaders within those organisations won’t survive into and through the recovery.

However, other organisations and people leaders will not only survive – they will thrive. They will come out stronger than ever because they have successfully ridden the waves from disruption to recovery.

It may feel like we are all figuring this new world out together, but it turns out that there are specific and predictable phases which lead from disruption to recovery. These phases are dynamic. One doesn’t begin as another ends; instead, they come like waves, building, flowing and eventually ebbing – all the while overlapping and intersecting.

What organisations and people leaders do in each phase – especially the Pre-recovery phase – determines how quickly – and how well – the organisation recover from an economic shock.

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