I’m already getting ‘postcards from the pandemic’ from managers who are exclaiming their surprise at how productive their teams can be while working from home. Flexibility and the ability to work from home have been high on the agenda for workers (who can) for a long time – but highly resisted by managers who didn’t trust their employees to do so.

So, we’ve proven the concept, now what? What will happen when we are able to work from offices again? Will we? On one hand, we are already craving community. On the other, relishing the extra time we have by eliminating our commute and the ability to work when and how we want.

I suspect some companies will reduce office space having proven what research has said for years – that people who work from home are much more productive than those who work in offices – especially open-plan offices. Others will reduce their footprint as a cost-saving measure.

And yet, sometimes there is no substitute for getting into a physical room together.

So what does the New Normal office of the future look like?

Keen to hear your opinion.

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