Running a remote workforce who are isolated from each other but who also have to deal with children, flatmates or other distractions is challenging.

We’ve put together a 5 step action plan to help you navigate these unprecedented times. These 5 steps will help you and your teams stay emotionally fit, motivated and productive.

Please join me for a very interactive session where we will discuss the latest research and offer very practical solutions around:

🔹How your role as a leader changes in crisis

🔹 Communication cadence: What, when and how to communicate with your staff

🔹 Team goals vs individual targets for personal clarity and team productivity

🔹The importance of meaningful work during uncertainty

🔹Managing mental health remotely

🔹 And anything else you’d like to ask

Please join me for a practical, thought-provoking, uplifting and solution filled session.

Note: We will also be touching on your rights and responsibilities as an employer and how to make tough decisions around headcount.

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