Yesterday I talked about reimagining everything. In that spirit, let me introduce you to my friend Nikki Beaumont, CEO of Beaumont People who adopted a 4 day work week shortly before COVID hit and have successfully continued that arrangement over the last few months.

This is a movement that’s gained traction over the last few years.

It was very successfully piloted by Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand and both Nikki and I first heard about it through Virgin Unite’s 100% Human at Work Australia event.

The ABC recently ran a story on this initiative using Beaumont People as an example. The link to watch this 4-minute clip is below.

What’s required to have the courage to try something like this initiative? Trust, clear communication and a framework of accountability.

We’ll hear more about this from Nikki when I interview her for my upcoming podcast series (out in late July). Don’t mention anything to her though – I haven’t asked her to be a guest yet. 🙂

Watch the ABC video here

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