In yesterday’s article, I asked you to reimagine our people systems based on the assumption that, left to their own devices, most people will do what’s right and will help and support others.

In Tuesday’s post, I asked you to weigh in on the Great Workplace Debate about if/how we should develop a hybrid work environment where our staff were given the ability to spend a significant portion of their time working from home – even as we begin to ease restrictions.

I’d like to bring these two threads together today and share my 4 step practical process to help you develop and implement the new normal workplace.

1) Share your concerns with employees and ask them to help you solve the very real challenges that a blended workplace will create. If they are part of the solution they will have a vested interest in making it work.

2) Begin with the assumption that the majority of your staff are trustworthy and design processes and systems for them, knowing that a minority WILL take advantage.

3) Establish outcome-based objectives to set expectations and measure productivity. Share these with staff and hold them accountable for achieving them.

4) Establish, communicate and enforce real-life consequences for the minority that do abuse this new way of working. (More on this next week).

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