Many companies are now beginning to integrate back into the office. Here are a few considerations.

Desire: Over 70% of staff want flexibility in how, where and when they do their work. We MUST be able to accommodate that now and into the future. Trying to turn back the clock will eventually put you at a severe disadvantage when trying to recruit.

Logistics: It may not be practical to bring everyone in and follow physical distancing protocol. Figure out how to roster returns.

One size no longer fits all: Different employees will have different needs. Don’t think you must come up with a one size fits all policy – you don’t.

Give them responsibility: you don’t have to have all of the answers and implement all of the changes. Use Human Centred Design Principles to empower your teams.

Show you care: Some of your staff will have struggled with isolation – others will struggle with coming back from it. Talk to them to find out where they are and how they are feeling and then keep checking in with them.

Measure outcomes instead of hours: This will increase performance and reduce stress on both sides.

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