There’s a debate occurring as restrictions ease and we begin to return to the office or worksite. According to research 2/3 – 3/4 of employees want the ability to continue to work from home, at least part of the time. But managers aren’t so sure.

Some simply don’t trust their staff to be productive, others are worried about the opportunity cost of not having those ‘water cooler conversations’ that spark collaboration and creativity. Still, others are concerned about lack of ad-hoc training opportunities for younger staff that may not have the ability to observe, ask real-time questions or overhear conversations because everyone is not in the office at the same time or at all.

These are legitimate challenges. But how do we solve them? I’ve been doing a lot of reading, talking to people and thinking over the last week and I have my own ideas – but first I want to hear yours.

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And stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I begin to uncover my own thinking around this topic.

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