In the last few weeks, I’ve been speaking with senior leaders, executive teams, boards of directors and HR professionals within companies that are reimagining HOW THEY WORK and WHERE THEY WORK.

I’ve also been facilitating many discussions with these same people to help them reimagine WHY THEY WORK (their purpose and values), how they BETTER SERVE THEIR CLIENTS and what they need to do to FULLY PREPARE FOR THE NEXT DISRUPTION from both a commercial as well as a workforce perspective.

This includes reimagining products and services, pricing, workforce planning, recruitment and evaluation and leadership capability and competency.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reimagine everything. Some of these considerations have been long overdue, some proactive.

It’s both a challenge and an opportunity, no doubt.

It calls on leaders to make some decisions with very little certainty and information.

But it must be done to ride the waves of this decade of disruption.

Hopefully, Covid will be the biggest disruption of this decade, but our futurists, tech specialists, demographers and economists will tell you it certainly won’t be our last.

What are you reimagining? What should you?

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