Hopefully, Covid 19 will be the biggest disruption of the decade – but it certainly won’t be the last. Especially considering that many companies have realized years worth of advancements in technology and innovation within the last three months. The next decade is going to be a bit like the wild west and there are 4 key criteria we must train or hire for to build a workforce that can seize opportunities and overcome challenges of any subsequent (and inevitable) disruption.

First, all of our staff need to be resilient and to weather change.

Second, they MUST be willing and able to learn new skills as roles change due to technology.

Third, our leaders need to be able to operate and make decisions when there is a high degree of uncertainty. They also need to be able to pivot quickly when they see conditions change.

Fourth, we need to be flexible in our approach with staff. One size no longer fits all. We truly have to treat them as humans instead of resources.

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