Don’t roll those heads just yet! Apparently remote working has proven so successful that companies are questioning the value of those whose primary role is to oversee others.

Yes, it’s true that people perform better when their outcomes are clearly defined and they’re trusted with the autonomy to do their job well, but it’s dangerous to extrapolate that to a “therefore managers are not needed” mentality.

Especially since it’s been widely proven by Gallup and others that the relationship between managers and direct reports is key to employee performance, motivation and engagement.

Modern managers need to do 3 things:
🔹 Set the bar,
🔹 Train and support, and
🔹 Create conditions where their teams can do their best.

Abdicating these responsibilities will be disastrous for employees’ well-being as well as the performance and productivity of the organization. Not to mention the myriad of studies that show that organizations that cost cut their way out of a recession rarely survive long term.

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