Finding it hard to find candidates to fill roles even in the midst of the pandemic? You’re not alone.

This from the article:

“People have come to us and said, ‘Look, I’ve had a bit of mental breakthrough in where my career is going.’ I thought with COVID-19 we would see people being a lot more desperate, but candidates still have a lot of integrity about what they’re looking for.”

“We’ve had candidates knock back really good job offers and we’re sitting there thinking, what? In COVID?”

I’ve begun to hear rumors of this. People have reevaluated their priorities and they are not going back to the old way of working.

How do you attract candidates in this environment?

1) Define and articulate the purpose of what your company does and how it impacts the community or world at large. No kidding – this has become MORE important since covid.

2) Offer flexible/remote work. Over 70% of candidates demand it according to numerous studies.

3) Find out what they want in their career and have an honest conversation about whether the company can provide that and if so, how. If not wish them well.

4) Have, communicate, and adhere to a Covid safe plan.

5) Be transparent. Candidates will ask you some tough questions about the business. Answer them.

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