In our previous post I shared our slightly tweaked purpose for Ignite Global. Today I want to share our values. These haven’t changed.

Defining and articulating company values is indispensable for hiring the right culture fit and for holding people accountable for appropriate behavior.

Your values can also help you make decisions as a managers or team.

I’d love to see yours. Type them in the comments box below.

💠 Practical, simple, research based solutions for busy managers.

💠 Do the right thing – even when it’s hard.

💠 100% personal responsibility.

💠 Insatiable curiosity.

💠 Passion for change.

💠 Continuous growth.

💠 Love your work.

💠 You’ve got this!

💠 The 3 ‘Ah Ha!’ guarantee.

You can download our Purpose and Culture Statement here for a list of the explanations behind our values.

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