Covid has had two really positive benefits to our workplace practices. First, it’s accelerating the people/workforce trends that we were seeing before Covid.

The second is that Covid is forcing managers to step up and do things they should have been doing pre-Covid (like spending more time with staff, communicating more effectively and holding them accountable for achieving outcomes in lieu of a lack of a line of sight over the hours they are working).

This article, describes a company that is realizing both of these positive benefits.

My favorite quote…

“Interviews and the selection process are much more involved than they used to be. Since many positions will be working amongst distributed teams, the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively during the remote interview process has also become part of the assessment.”

Poloai explained that these conversations are no longer a means to an end, focused solely on getting to know an individual’s experience, but also a testing ground and realistic job preview of what remote collaboration might feel like.”

I’d like to add that hiring managers should be testing ALL of the strengths or innate abilities required to do the role – not just their ability to work remotely.

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