My previous post suggested one of the things you could to attract candidates in our new environment is to “Define and articulate the purpose of what your company does and how it impacts the community or world at large. No kidding – this has become MORE important since covid.”

I’m encouraging all of my clients to evaluate and refresh their company purpose. So I thought I’d take my own advice.

I didn’t tweak this much, but here is the 2020 purpose for Ignite Global:

We make the world better by helping you “Light Up Your Workforce®.”

Research shows that if people love their work they are more productive and perform at a higher level for their employer.

We also believe that if people love their work, they will have more time and emotional, intellectual and financial capacity to make a dent in their own little corner of the world that might need improvement.

Everyone wins.

I’d love to hear yours. Either your own personal why or your company purpose that spells out how you impact your clients or world around you.

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