I’m not going lie. This week has been tough. I recently did my Enneagram personality profile and I’m a 7. If you know anything about the Enneagram you know that 7s are naturally optimistic and have a zest for life and all of the experiences life has to offer.

Not this week.

This week (beginning with the death of RBG), I’ve binged way too much news. I’ve fixated on all that’s broken in the world, in particular, the election in the US. I’ve written letters, coloured in postcards and even did some phone banking to get out the vote.

This week I’ve allowed all of this negativity to affect me mentally and emotionally.

Today, however, I choose to step out of that and to focus on what’s inspiring me.

If you like this post I’ll post one like it every Friday.

My top 3 inspirations for the week (which I will post with ver little commentary and let you check them out and decide for yourself) are:

1) The Enneagram personality profile. https://lnkd.in/g5qH3zA

2) Brene Brown’s podcast with Sonya Renee Taylor on “The Body is Not an Apology” https://apple.co/2RXJphG (this is sooo much deeper than body image).

3) Tim Ferris’ Ted Talk “Why You Should Define Your Goals Instead of Your Fears” https://apple.co/32XPEbD

What’s inspiring you? I’d love to hear.