Join me tomorrow as I kick off RSM Australia‘s Business and Finance Symposium “The Future of Customer Experience: Is ‘good enough’, good enough?”

I’ll be presenting How to Ride the Waves from Disruption to Recovery.

Nassim Taleb said “The fragile will break, the resilient will bounce back. The antifragile will thrive and grow when exposed to volatility.” This could not be more applicable to our current situation.

The economic fallout associated with COVID-19 came swiftly for some organisations but will come more slowly, in successive waves, for others. Aside from exposing the many cracks in organisations and people leaders who were not prepared, it has also shown a spotlight on the quality of products and services, and our ability to provide exceptional customer experience.

While it is unfortunate that some organisations and leaders may not reach the recovery phase, others will not only survive; they will thrive and come out stronger because they have successfully ridden the waves from disruption to recovery.