I’m cheating a bit. Last week I promised to post 3 things that I found inspiring every Friday. Today I’m posting 20.

Last night I attended Consult Australia‘s FutureNet awards night for NSW (magnificently convened by Linda Gaunt). It was a COVID-safe event held in the Grand Ballroom of the ICC in Sydney. There were only 30 people in attendance including 19 of the 20 participants, all 4 of the mentors and the facilitators, like me, who led trainings over the last 6 months. But the event was live-streamed and had many more watching from their devices at home.

These 20 emerging leaders were divided into 4 groups, based on their Strengths Profiles, and entered into a competition to revitalise the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens, damaged after the bush fires.

I honestly don’t know how the judges decided. All 4 designs were outstanding, IMHO, and the presentations were polished and professional.

This group has only met face to face once before – their kickoff night in early March before lockdown.

Their site visit was cancelled so they never actually got to see the property.

And yet, they pivoted magnificently.

These 20 individuals are my inspiration for the week.