In yesterday’s post, I asked for the most effective and least expensive way to increase employee engagement. I got some great answers and they all contained components of the correct answer according to research.

The correct answer is One to One conversations between manager and direct report. Let me explain.

In an earlier post, I asked what post I asked, “What % of employee engagement is directly attributable to the MANAGER?”

Nina Sunday correctly guess 70% (and quoted one of the sources of this figure to boot!).

In 2016 Navalent posted a 10-Year study in the Harvard Business Review on what great executives know and do.

They laid out 4 key patterns they had identified. The 4th being (and I’m paraphrasing) that they form deep connections with all stakeholders, including direct reports and they study and meet their needs.

Based on this logic with a bit of extrapolation…

If it’s true that the manager directly impacts employee engagement by 70% and it’s true that the most effective leaders study and meet the needs (or manage expectations) of direct reports, doesn’t it stand to reason that the most effective (and least expensive) employee engagement strategy is a one to one conversation between manager and direct report?