You’re invited! You…yep, you…no matter where you live. Well, if you’re in the UK or Europe the time zone isn’t too great. But if you live in Australia, New Zealand or the US it’s perfect!

And if you’re in Melbourne you can come see me live. At least you’ll be live – I’ll still be virtual because…lockdown.

What am I talking about? I’m thrilled to be presenting the Unified Theory of Everything People (UToEP)on Wednesday the 14th of July at 11:35 AM Melbourne time (that’s Tuesday the 13th of July at 9:35PM New York time).

And you can see it for free. Gratis. Nada.

The UToEP is my practical, holistic model to help you reimagine your old school people practices and embrace the Future of Work.

After this presentation you will:

🔹Never write another boring job ad, which will help you magnetically attract the right people to your open roles and repel the wrong ones

🔹Know EXACTLY what you need to look for to hire the right people – and keep them once you have them, increasing your employee retention

🔹Learn the secret sauce to holding people accountable for great performance with far less stress, increasing employee productivity and adding to your bottom line

🔹Know, beyond a shadow of a doubt what your team needs to be fully motivated, engaged and happy, increasing employee engagement.

And…you will get a free Cheat Sheet that has helped our clients:

✅Increase employee retention by 15%

✅Increase employee engagement (one department beat the company average by 23 points using this Cheat Sheet)

✅Decrease re-work by 10%

✅Attain the #4 position on the Great Place to Work survey

I really hope you join me.

You can register here to attend live or virtually (scroll down for the virtual link).