I was amazed by the number of people who came to me after I posted my burnout video two weeks ago.

Some reminded me that I wrote a post on surge capacity depletion last year so I thought I’d revisit that. 

What I’m feeling this year is decidedly different from what I felt last year. Similar but different. 

If you’re more tired than you think you should be but don’t necessarily feel burnt out – you may be suffering from Surge Capacity Depletion. 

And for those of us in lockdown who may be coming out in the next month, it may hit us in the next few weeks.

Here’s what I wrote a few months back with the resources I provided then.

The human body and mind are amazingly adaptive. When faced with a crisis we have a number of systems that automatically kick in to make us safe.

These systems create adrenaline and cortisol which provides the energy that we need to take action to get through the crisis. I believe that science writer Tara Haelle coined the term Surge Capacity.

This is meant to be a short-term state for human beings. But some of us have operated in this way for many months and chronic surge capacity depletes us. 

After the surge is over, when the adrenaline and cortisol leave our body we crash. Mentally, physically and emotionally. We feel depleted. We feel angry, sad or completely lethargic. This is Surge Capacity Depletion.

If you manage a team please talk to them about this and offer suggestions on how to deal with it.