Not everyone is losing staff through the Great Resignation. Some are taking this unique opportunity to pick up top talent. I recently had a notable conversation with a client where the CEO told me that they had recently picked up a few VERY high calibre people – some of whom they had had on their radar for a while. So how do you turn the Great Resignation into the Great Recruitment? Here is a summary of a few tips I shared with SmartCompany.  If you can’t read the whole article (it’s behind their paywall) DM me and I’ll send you a PDF.

1️⃣ Make your job ads compelling and use video Most companies wouldn’t think of writing their own marketing copy to attract new customers. Yet, when it comes to attracting employees — a resource in far more demand than customers — they write their own job ads and typically follow an antiquated format that can be uninspiring at best and off-putting at worst.

2️⃣ We are living in a video world – use video to recruit

3️⃣ Advertise your employee value proposition The employee value proposition (EVP) is more important now than ever. Why do people want to work for your company? What truly sets you apart?

4️⃣  Provide the best experience through the hiring process Traditional hiring processes were designed for a market with many more candidates than job openings. That means now, many companies still treat candidates as though they are doing them a favour by interviewing them — but that’s not the case.  Candidates talk and, in order to attract the best candidates, companies need to provide an exceptional recruitment experience. Make it easy, make it fast and make it fun.

5️⃣ Expand your candidate pool Think differently about how to fill roles. The old paradigm of one job for one person is quickly disappearing. Instead, think about the tasks that need to be done like a jigsaw puzzle. Which pieces of the puzzle can be automated? Which pieces can be done by someone overseas? Which can be done by someone with the right skills, but no experience in your industry?

Read the full article here: DM me if you don’t have a subscription and I’ll send you the PDF. 🙂

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