Imagine my surprise on Friday morning when I logged into my computer and saw 3 emails that began with some version of, “Hi Kim, I just read your article in Fast Company…”

And I was like, “Do what now?”

I wrote this blog for Atlassian a year ago after speaking at their annual summit 6 months before that.

What I said in that blog is even MORE important now that we are going through the great resignation.

Yes, it’s true. I did speak with over 5,000 people during the 15 years I worked as a recruiter in the US, NZ and finally Australia.

And these ARE the real reasons they’re quitting (and it’s NOT money)!

And yes…these answers WILL help you engage your top performers for the long haul.

Understanding and addressing these with your team now will help you rest easy that when you down tools in December your staff will be back in January.

For a deeper (and slightly more updated) look into these 9 factors feel free to download our complimentary white paper here:

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