‘s theme for the OneConsult Conference yesterday and today is Collaboration and I think this is the ideal theme for this moment in time.

Collaboration is not only key to the future of companies who work in the built environment, it’s key to the future of our planet. We are seeing evidence of that with the west’s uniform and swift ability to enact consequences to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I believe that governments and private entities must collaborate to solve challenges like climate change.

Collaboration is indeed key to the future of companies who work in the built environment. Engineers, architects and builders can better leverage opportunities and overcome the challenges of today’s market by collaborating with each other. But they can also benefit individually by better collaborating with their employees, customers and suppliers. This is one of the keys to ensuring they do not end up like Probuild or Condev (which, unfortunately, due to the skills shortage plaguing the industry at the moment, I believe are canaries in the coal mine).

Finally, collaboration is key to the Future of Work. For those familiar with my 5 Trends to Win the Future of Work, trend 2 is “Collaborative leadership capable of making smart decisions with incomplete information and being able to pivot quickly and effectively when those decisions are proven to be incorrect (and some will).”

Well done Nicola GraysonLinda Gaunt and the team for putting this fabulous event together.

Consult Australia

I was pleased to contribute in my small way by facilitating the presentations by the 4 groups who took part in the 2021 FutureNet Future Business Leaders program. These 4 groups all worked on a project to design a school and multi-use facility in Ryde, outside of Sydney. The designs were thoughtful, thorough and presented creatively and compellingly.

I was proud to have been one of the judges and look forward to tonight’s awards ceremony where both the final judge’s award and the People Choice Award is given to the winning designs.

As I said at the end of the session yesterday, there is huge opportunity for this industry and based on the calibre of the emerging leaders who participated in this program the future of the industry is in very good hands.

Will you be at the awards dinner tonight? Be sure to say hi if you are!