The half-day Strengths Workshop is not only highly interactive and fun, the “ah-ha” moments pop like popcorn throughout the room. It NEVER fails. I’ve even had people follow me to the bathroom to share their insights with me (highly uncomfortable at the time!) 🙂

Helping people understand that:

A strength is BOTH something you are good at AND something that gives you energy (and that’s not woo woo – it’s based in biology and neuroscience)

Spending more time doing activities that play to your strengths will not only help you become better at your current job, but it will also help you achieve your mid – long term goals AND make you happier, reduce your stress levels and build resilience (and who doesn’t need less stress and more resilience these days).

Teams can operate more effectively by understanding and leveraging each others’ strengths differently (plus, it can help you understand where your gaps are).

Like so many future of work concepts…the mechanics of building a strengths-based team is actually really simple. Breaking down engrained beliefs that we grew up with (like to be successful we need to overcome our weaknesses and/or become a well-rounded individual) is the hard part.

This is why we use kinaesthetic exercises to demonstrate what playing to your strengths looks, feels and sounds like and creative exercises like developing a strengths poster.

Leading the Strengths Workshop is definitely playing to my own strengths. I walk out of the room more energized than I walk into it.

Thank you to Sparks+Partners Consulting Engineers for inviting me to come play again yesterday. Our businesses have grown up together. Thank you Leon DiminoMorgan Walter, and Bruno Lara-Alvarez for your ongoing partnership and support.