This weekend changed my life. I was reminded by Facebook that 6 years ago I was on my way to Necker Island. This was my first introduction to Virgin Unite and the #100%humanatwork initiative, which I subsequently helped bring to Australia.

Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be in rooms where big discussions happen. Life-changing discussions and this weekend delivered.

Highlights included:

🔹 Spending 3 hours talking US politics over lunch with George Clooney (who was there as Amal’s +1). I understand George is a pretty decent actor as well. 🙂
🔹 Hearing Amal Clooney’s presentation on the systematic targeting of the free press around the world (which has only gotten worse).
🔹  Dancing with Sister Helen Prejean, who wrote Dead Man Walking, along with Anthony Roy Hinton, who had just been released from death row in an Alabama prison after serving over 3 decades for a crime he did not commit and his best friend Lester, who visited Ray every Sunday for those 30 plus years (including a 6 hour round trip)
🔹 Hearing from a former VP of the World Bank talk about the coming changes to the geo political landscape (all of which have come true),
🔹  Getting to know Amory Lovins, former Chair of the Rocky Mountain Institute and one of the foremost thought leaders on sustainable energy,
🔹 And of course, being in Sir Richard Branson’s presence and being a fly on the wall to the many conversations that occurred with and around him.

Last year I began to donate 10% of the income from my online courses, Mind Reading for Managers® and How to Create a SPOT On Success Profile™ to Virgin Unite. It’s a small thing but it’s what I can do.

We have many challenges to overcome in the world today, but every time I make my donation, I’m heartened by all of the people that regularly meet through Virgin Unite gatherings and ALL of the work they/we do behind the scenes to make their little corner of the world just a bit better.

I was just invited back to Necker, but alas my schedule won’t allow me to go. But I will be back sometime soon.