Have you considered the HUGE opportunity that The Great Resignation provides from a talent acquisition perspective? Think about it, regardless of whether they act on it, MULTIPLE studies show that at least 40% of the workforce is open to looking for other work in 2022.

This means that those usually inaccessible candidates might be more accessible now.

But ONLY if you:

✅ Stand out from your competitors with a compelling job ad and candidate experience,
✅ Think more broadly about the roles you want to fill (you may not find the exact skills and experience you need but today it’s more important to find great people and then determine how to best utilize them), and
✅ Understand and use additional sourcing strategies (just because candidates are considering another job doesn’t mean they are surfing the job boards.

Please join me for my free Masterclass, “How to turn The Great Resignation into the Great Recruitment Opportunity” where I will show you:

1️⃣ How to utilize ALL sourcing strategies available to you – some of which I guarantee you haven’t thought of before

2️⃣ 3 surprising tips to make the sourcing strategies you use every day more effective

3️⃣  How to write a job ad that will make people beat down your door

4️⃣  How to provide an exceptional candidate experience that sets you above your competitors

I will also talk about my predictions for 2022 and beyond from a talent acquisition standpoint and share some of my “Jedi Hiring Tricks” that come from my 15 years of recruitment and 13 years of consulting experience.

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