Face it. We live in a TikTok world and if you are an expert or leader looking to build your public profile, it’s a no-brainer to showcase what you do on video – but knowing how to package, market and leverage it is another matter.

If you follow me on here you know that I’ve been through quite the journey with video, which is why I’m so excited about the next Professional Speakers AustraliaPSA national event with video creation and marketing growth specialist Justin Brown.

PSA National Webinar: How to Create and Use Amazing YouTube Content

Justin will share insider secrets on how to optimise your videos on YouTube so your content generates views for years after you upload it.

You’ll take away:

• How to structure your content to ‘bake-in’ key triggers that let YouTube know YOUR video is the one they should be promoting
• Keys to maximising watch time so your target audience sees more of you in action
• How to drive more engagement for even better results

Justin has a huge online community and this is your chance to get direct access to him. The session is on 29 June at 2pm AEST – everyone is welcome; for non-PSA members it’s just $55!

Grab your place here: https://nsaoa.wildapricot.org/widget/event-4756233?fbclid=IwAR170_nOta84phLv4_Nq1lkOUWNt5OmdTCFNyEhEg1y3lyshgw-lQyczepM