Our 9 Currencies of Choice® model has done it again! It’s been featured in another global magazine. I was incredibly honored to be asked to contribute this piece to Professional Performance Magazine by Dr. Jeffrey Magee, CMC/CBE/PDM/CSP. And it’s previously appeared in Fast Company and SmartCompany.

The 9 Currencies of Choice® have stood the test of time. I first developed this model over 10 years ago from reverse engineering over 5,000 exit interviews, and I’ve constantly checked them against the latest international research and have only updated them twice in over a decade.

The last update was the most significant update where incorporated the latest research from the great resignation.

This model, which takes the guesswork out of employee engagement and retention, has made a bottom line impact for companies by increasing employee engagement, motivation, wellbeing and decreasing turnover. It’s also helped companies achieve incredible ENPS scores, and helped them attain a top 10 listing on the Great Places to Work list.

Read the article (and the rest of this excellent magazine) here: https://jeffreymagee.com/pdf/Professional-Performance-Magazine

You can also download a free copy of my white paper that unpacks this model from our website: https://lnkd.in/dsbJuBW

If you’re interested in talking about how to bring this model to life to achieve similar results for your organization – or if you’d like me to do a breakout session at a conference you are planning, please book a chat with me here. https://lnkd.in/gR2HB25a