One of the trends that I’ve noticed over the last several months is the increase in the Chief of Staff title within commercial organizations. I was, of course, familiar with this title in government and the military – but not within other types of organizations.

I’ve always found this position fascinating. They carry tremendous responsibility, typically without much designated authority.

The Chief of Staff Association‘s CEO, Trent Smyth AM begins his Forward in CSA’s recent Oxford University Report, “Speaking Truth to Power,” by saying, “An executive working as a chief of staff takes on complex organisational and leadership responsibilities while occupying an ambiguous position in the hierarchy.”

An ambiguous position indeed. That’s why I was so honored to be asked to lead a session with over 120 Chiefs of Staff from all over the globe to help clarify their ambiguous position by defining their purpose and outcomes. #spotonsuccessprofile, anyone? 🙂

My intention was to help this group define and articulate their position for internal and external stakeholders – to clear some of this ambiguity up.

I found the thinking within this group to be exceptionally rigorous and innovative and I truly enjoyed working with them.

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know just how important having a well-defined success profile is to your team’s performance and behavior!

DM me if you’d like me to send you my White Paper on how to create your own SPOT On Success Profile™ (complete with numerous examples).

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