What I love so much about this picture. First of all, it’s with an old and very loyal client, First Mortgage Services / First Title. I’ve been working with them since early 2016. Second, this is a company that is investing in training their managers on how to hire more effectively.

The first time I ran this program for FMS/FT they were able to reduce their employee turnover significantly within 6 months (and it’s stayed down over the last several years!)

Just by learning to hire better people the first time.

I’ve said for years that this is a skill all managers need, but very few companies are willing to pay for.

This is what we cover in this program:

Through a combination of content delivery, group discussion, exercises and role plays, hiring managers/Talent Acquisition Professionals will understand:

🔹 The nature of the structural worker shortage and why we will have more jobs than candidates in most roles through this decade

🔹 How the rise of the Empowered Workforce (driven by the worker shortage and 2 years of pandemic-induced reflection) has changed hiring

🔹 The importance of and how to provide a great candidate experience

They will then be able to:

🔹 Develop a SPOT On Success Profile™ which will help them think more critically about what they need in their roles

🔹 Set themselves apart from their talent competitors by understanding what they have to offer and telling their story in a compelling way

🔹 Think differently about how to fill their roles through role deconstruction and using innovative sourcing strategies

🔹 Plan, prepare, and conduct an effective hiring process using the Hiring Funnel and its series of filters

🔹 Use ‘Jedi Hiring Tricks’ perfected by a 15-year recruitment veteran with a consistent 98% success rate (me!) 🙂

Do you train your managers how to hire well?

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