Are you struggling with attracting enough of the right people to fill open roles or to handle increased customer demand? 

Are you challenged with managing a remote or hybrid team? 

Has your employee engagement and retention gone down over the past year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I’ve got a couple of offers that I think you will find very enticing!

I have recently created 2 online courses that are tailor-made for handling these challenges and I’m offering them at a 50% discount for my “Black Friday” promotion until the 21st of December.


The first, How to Create a SPOT On Success Profile™, is a micro course – just 20 minutes of content that will help you stand out from your talent competition to attract more people to your job ads.


It will also enable you to hire better people because it takes you through a step by step process to think more deeply about what you need in a role. This will help you not only zero in on the right candidates – it will also allow you to cast your net wider and to look at people with different skillsets that may also suit the roles you are trying to fill.


But the SPOT On Success Profile™framework also provides a much more effective benchmark for accountability, performance and even appropriate behaviour.


Purchase or read more about this short course (including real results and video testimonials) here.


NOTE: This short course is included in our Mind Reading for Managers program described below.


Limited time bonus: If you purchase this course by the end of November, you will receive an exclusive invitation to a master class where we will review your completed SPOT On™s and I will take you through additional content to make your job ads stand out event more AND to utilize the latest innovative sourcing strategies to attract additional candidates.


My other course, Mind Reading for Managers® is much more extensive and has 3 very specific outcomes. 


First, it will increase your team’s performance by using theSPOT On Success Profile™ to set and manage outcome based objectives.


Second, it will increase employee motivation and retention by developing or deepening the connection between manager and direct report – proven by extensive research to be THE KEY to a highly engaged workforce.


And third, it will help even the most technical managers adopt practical and proven methodologies to make them better people managers.


Register your interest or read more about the Mind Reading for Managers program (including real results and video testimonials) here


I will follow up with a phone call to make sure this is the right program for you. After 10 years of running this program, I am very clear about where the program works well and what needs to be in place for it to do so.



  • This program contains a year’s worth of content and is normally valued at $997 per person. Our Black Friday Promotion is offering this for $495 per person.
  • This program includes the How to Create a SPOT On Success Profile™ Short Course described above. Valued at $97 per person


  • If you register your interest by the end of November and subsequently purchase the program, you will receive complimentary access to a series of group coaching calls for all participants beginning in 2023. Valued at $5,000
    • These coaching calls will help embed this material and offer real-life coaching to help your participants solve real-life people’s problems.
  • You will also receive an exclusive invitation to a masterclass on the Future of Leadership. Valued at $3,000

If you have any questions about either program simply email