Elon Musk – Zombie manager. Dead and oblivious.

A lot of digital ink has been spilled about Elon Musk’s management style since he’s taken over Twitter.

To my mind, Musk epitomizes a dying breed of manager. One whose own “work ethic” is a mask for the truth. He doesn’t trust his employees to do the work, so he does as much of it himself as he can.

Demanding loyalty and managing by intimidation. Going so far as to spy on his people and banking on the outdated notion that they need the company more than the company needs them.

Managers like Musk are like zombies, dead but unaware they’re dead.

The balance of power has firmly shifted to the individual and even in the face of economic headwinds, studies by Mercer and Allianz Australia point out that people continue to vote with their feet.

Most organizations are struggling with employee retention, which is very sad because it’s really not that hard. Treat them like adults and give them a reason to want to come to work.

In other words, look at what Musk does – and do the opposite.

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