I am so grateful that my work allows me the opportunity to get to know brilliant thought leaders and change makers. Laura Staples, Head of People and Performance at Laminex is one of those people.

The change that Laura and Justin Burgess have made at Laminex Australia is nothing short of amazing. They are true trailblazers.

In May 2020, they took the decision that all head office employees could work from anywhere. In this age where many senior leaders are wringing their hands about loss of productivity, innovation, collaboration, and engagement due to allowing people to work remotely, they are proving the naysayers wrong. All of those metrics have increased since this policy was announced.

And that was just the beginning of their workforce innovations.

We recorded this video as a context-setting piece for the 100% Human at Work event last week but unfortunately didn’t get to show it at the event. (You can continue watching the interview here: )

It’s too good not to share.

I’d love to know, which of these initiatives are you testing in your workplace? Which are you thinking about testing?

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