34 minutes that can reshape how you think about mental health and wellbeing. At least that’s what this 34 minute podcast by Simon Sinek Inc. and Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary did for me.

So much emphasis has rightfully been placed on workplace wellbeing over the last few years. But are we approaching it correctly? Dr. Dennis-Tiwary suggests we are not.

She makes a case that humans are actually anti-fragile…a concept made popular by @Nassim Teleb. Anti-fragility is more than just bouncing back from hardship.

As my friend, @Laura Staples, likes to describe it, antifragility is like the Hydra from Greek mythology. Cut off one head, and two grow back in its place. In other words, you are stronger than before.

Dr. Dennis-Tiwary says that this concept should be applied to mental health.

She says that the approach we’ve taken to mental health has been to eradicate mental illness… and, taken to a broader perspective to eradicate any distress, anxiety or other negative feelings.

What if mental health were treated as mental fitness? What if instead of trying to eradicate negative feelings, we used our anti-fragility to our advantage?

This makes mental health less of a destination than a day to day process.

I love the reframe here. Mental health turns into mental fitness.

Trust our antifragility, and use daily practice to deal with life’s (and work’s) day to day stresses.

What do you think? Listen here.