Are you ready for ChatGPT or the other thousands of accessible AI offerings out there? No doubt it’s a game changer. It will require us to shape our roles differently as how we do what we do will change. It will require us to manage our careers differently because those who don’t know how to harness the power of AI in their jobs risk being left behind.

But the biggest disrupter that I see, that I don’t hear senior leaders talking enough about is how AI will be used to disrupt their company/industry.

We saw this 20 years ago as online offerings took market share from traditional media, music and entertainment companies.

We saw this more recently with the rise in small businesses using XERO, MYOB and Quickbooks for their bookkeeping disrupting the accounting industry.

We saw this in the legal industry as websites have taken over the more transactional work of traditional law firms.

And the power of the Internet pales in comparison to the power of AI.

What industries outside of your own will use AI to peel away the more transactional work that you do? What are you doing to Future Proof yourself?

I believe we need focus more on asking (and answering) this question.

I’d love your thoughts in the comments.