Great article in Forbes, “The Future Of Work In The Age Of Generative AI: Insights From Davos”

It talks about Role Deconstruction. Something I’ve been talking about for the last several years. There’s a huge opportunity for businesses and people.

Here are some of my favorite bits from the article…

“The rapid advance of gen AI is not just transforming how we work; it’s catalyzing the shift from job-centric to skill-centric models within an organization. When you get beyond the job to the component activities and tasks, you see clearly where certain activities might be substituted, others augmented, and yet other bodies of work transformed.

The adoption of gen AI calls for skills that are not always present. Ana noted: “40% of executives believe their workforce needs training or retraining. 98% of workers are saying, ‘We need more.’ The disconnect is huge, and companies need to do a lot more.”

Organizations must start with skills, agreed Tanuj. “I do think it’s going to disrupt jobs, but the real opportunity that companies have is to stop thinking of the organization as a collection of jobs and think of it as a collection of skills. If we do pivot from job to skills, I think it can be a really exciting moment for workforces across the world.”

Link to article here.

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