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In 2009 CEO and founder Kim Seeling Smith started Ignite Global after deciding that instead of being paid to put bums in seats (working as a recruiter for the 15 years prior to that) she wanted to help organizations keep the right bums in the right seats (recognizing that this starts with hiring the right people).

Since that sunny April day, Ignite Global has gone from strength to strength helping to make an impact with diverse organizations such as Accor Hotels, Anheuser Busch, Cisco, EY, Krispy Kreme, OMD, Palo Alto Software, TransUnion, Travelex, and many more – from fortune 100 to SMEs across 32 different industries in 9 countries.

We like to think that we make the world better by helping you LIGHT Up Your Workforce®.

Not only does this help you and your company achieve your goals, but we also believe that if people love their work, they will also have more time and emotional, intellectual and financial capacity to improve their own little corner of the world.

We are a boutique firm with a small team of employees and regular sub-contractors. However, we believe in finding the best solutions for our client and happily use our extensive network to find the right provider for your specific needs.

Sometimes this will result in a simple referral. Often it means that our CEO takes the lead and maintains the client relationship and quality control while another firm provides the services.

It’s critical for us to deliver the right solution for you.



  • Practical, simple, research-based solutions for busy managers. This is what our clients tell us – frequently – that they appreciate about us.

  • Do the right thing – even when it’s hard. We will always be honest and direct. We never compromise and we fight for truth, justice and fairness – even when it’s difficult or unpopular.

  • 100% personal responsibility. If we screw up we admit it and fix it.

  • Insatiable curiosity. We are constantly asking questions and looking for answers and better solutions to help us achieve our purpose.

  • Passion for change. These extraordinary times call for disrupting the status quo. We help you embrace the change you need to get more effective results.

  • Continuous growth. We are constantly pressure testing our solutions, refining them to make them better or more accessible.

  • Love your work. We love ours helping you love yours.

  • You’ve got this! Much of what we do helps you uncover the solutions you’ve already thought of. We help you bring them to life and shape them so you can execute on them.

  • The 3 ‘Ah Ha!’ guarantee. We guarantee that you will say “ah ha!” at least three times during any interaction with us.


Kim Seeling Smith of Ignite Global

Kim Seeling Smith

Master storyteller, passionate educator and trend translator, Kim Seeling Smith helps business leaders move from disruptable to indestructible in the post-pandemic world. As CEO of Ignite Global, Kim consults with organizations around the world, delivering the latest insights and helping them with strategies to increase employee retention, enhance employee experience and organizational culture and understand and embrace the future of work and the future workforce.

Melissa Powick

Melissa Powick

Melissa has extensive experience in cultural development, organizational structure, team development and performance management, gained from her experience working in operational and human resources roles with companies as diverse as McDonalds Corporation, Macro Wholefoods (where she helped to grow the staff from 20 to over 500 prior to the acquisition by Woolworths) and Sydney Water.

Kim Dutton

Kim Dutton

Kim is an OD Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach with 25 years of experience working with large, complex organizations. She helps leaders, teams and the broader business create the behavioural and culture changes needed to achieve their organizational and personal objectives.

David Toyne

David Toyne

David Toyne is the quintessential example of a portfolio career. Having recently retired from his full-time role as Group Risk Manager for a multi-billion, multi-national building supply company, David now splits his time between consulting projects in the areas of physical risk, environment and sustainability and working as Ignite Global’s Chief Strategy Officer.